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About The Conference

In the near future, Capsule Networks [CapsNet] will assuredly deliver a profound impact on the emerging challenges in machine learning systems in order to better model the hierarchical relationships. It is revolutionizing the way the machines understand images into a new perspective which remains identical to the three dimensional perspective of human vision. In order to track the complex real-world problems in Capsule Networks applications, Evolutionary Computing, a known subfield of Artificial Intelligence [AI] and soft computing approaches are used. Hence The International Conference on Evolutionary Computing and Capsule Networks [ICECCN 2019], Organized by Inventive Research Organization on July 10-11, 2019 will be an innovative platform for the soft computing and Artificial Intelligence [AI] researchers to share and exchange their views, ideas and research results about the dedication of evolutionary computing towards efficiently solving the optimization challenges and reinforce the performance of emerging Capsule Network architectures and applications.

About Inventive Research Organization

Inventive Research Organization (IRO) supports all the recent research activities of young minds. IRO is a government registered organization for the researchers and engineers in field of informatics engineering. The main objective of the IRO is "To raise leaders through the Research activities in the in the field of information technology and solve the issues of humanity."

The IRO members include software engineers, professors, scientists, engineers, scholars, and university postgraduate and undergraduate engineering and technology students, etc. The IRO also welcomes all the Engineering and Technical Corporate Organizations, Colleges and Universities to join us to exchange information and ideas; in according with our objective to facilitate this, we call upon to network with us.

IRO organizes and sponsor reputed international conferences, workshop, seminars and provides technical support; it also help the researchers to publish high quality international journals in Computer Science and Information Technology, Electronics and Electrical Engineering and Technology, Systems science and Engineering.

Important Dates

Final Paper Submission : May 01, 2019
Acceptance Notification Date : June 01, 2019
Registration Due : June 20, 2019
Conference Date : July 10-11, 2019